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Welcome to the New Rugged Fitness Website


It feels great to start off 2015 with a dynamic and attractive new website designed by my good friend and client, the very talented Sarah Donaldson at Layers Design. Here you will find posts with the latest information and articles on a variety of health and fitness topics. Please feel free to drop me a line via text, phone, email, facebook etc. if you have any questions or topics you would like to see addressed here.

I want to start off the year with a quick comment on the month of Gymuary. It is rare to find somebody who hasn’t started off the year with intentions to improve their health and fitness. However so few people carry the initial momentum they develop in January through the rest of the year. Why is this? You can probably point to a thousand different explanations but in my opinion, one explanation towers over them all: Unsustainable lifestyle changes.  How many people do you know who are starting January off by getting back to the gym, changing their eating habits, quitting or decreasing their consumption of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, trying to be an all around nicer person etc.? Trying to overhaul your life in every imaginable category is not sustainable.  I like to think of our lifestyles as complex systems. What happens when you shift the equilibrium of a complex system too much in a short period of time or in several different directions at once? It becomes unstable and will likely snap back violently to its initial state. However if you place a more reasonable stress on the system it will be able to shift to that state of being without becoming unstable. Once you have found a sustainable change in one area of your lifestyle then you can focus on another, and may even find that you have unwittingly reduced an unhealthy behaviour as a result of increasing a healthy behaviour (eg. realizing you are smoking less cigarettes per day since you began a regular exercise routine.) Take it slow and remember that improving your lifestyle is an all year process not just a Gymuary activity.

Yours in sustainable self-improvement,

Stuart Kidson

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