Outdoor Training

The Greater Victoria region has a wonderful array of green spaces and parks in every neighbourhood offering hundreds of unique options for outdoor personal training and group workouts. Some clients love to do a gym style strength workout with my portable training kit while they enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, while other clients love using natural objects to inspire their workout while exploring new rugged areas of our beautiful coast. The possibilities are endless and customized to each client’s unique goals, limitations, and lifestyle.

*All Prices Include GST

Outdoor Training

Single - Individual

$ 70

1 hour session I want to try it out!

10 Pack - Individual Most Popular

$ 650

10 x 1 hour sessions Let's train!

20 Pack - Individual

$ 1200

20 x 1 hour sessions I'm all in!

Group Training (2 Participants)

Single - Session

$ 40

per person (1 x 1 hour session each)

10 Pack - GroupBRING A FRIEND!

$ 375

per person (10 x 1 hour sessions each)

20 Pack - Group

$ 700

per person (20 x 1 hour sessions each)