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Hitting Restart – Chapter 5

Chapter 3 – FINAL WORKOUT (Last week)


Back Squats

Chin Ups



Kettle Bell Swings

One Arm Kettle Bell Chest Press, Knees Up



Farmer walks (one hand)

Standing Single Arm Band Rows


My back was feeling a little sketchy this past week so I lightened the volume on the lifts and did a moderate load for all of these exercises. My back actually felt better after the lift so I was instantly rewarded for my efforts. There is always a way to work around our body’s nagging deficits and turn them into strengths.

We are going into week 6 now and I am feeling a significant strength increase in almost every movement and body area. I have noticed an increase in muscle mass and greater stamina in the workouts so the adaptation program has worked exactly as it should! I feel confident to go into four weeks of heavy lifting with a gradual increase in volume that should increase muscle mass and further increase strength before I start to shift into a power and endurance phase for the rest of the spring.

I hope this taught you something about how to effectively restart a regular lifting program without injuring or overtraining yourself.

Happy lifting and Merry Krismus!


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