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Hitting Restart – Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – (2 weeks late)

Superset #1

Ball Wall Toss

SL Deadlifts

Bag Strikes (10 jabs, 10 cross, 10 L hooks, 10 R hooks)


Superset #2

Split squats (Back leg on Bench)

Standing leg abductions



Superset #3

Push ups

Lat Pulldown

Wrist Grab Planks


This workout had a great cardio element that had me breathing hard and sweating in no time. Single leg deadlifts and leg abductions are great balance and stability exercises. The upper body workout focused on shoulders through compound chest and back exercises. Wrist grab planks are a great way to increase the stability demand of a regular plank and increase the difficulty. This was week 4’s program.

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