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Hitting Restart – Chapter 3

Chapter 3

I did this workout on Friday, and followed it up with a great yoga practice with my instructor PK. Yesterday I was hoping to do another lift after some pick up football but my back decided to spasm right before I headed out to meet some friends at the park. It is feeling a little angry this morning still so I will forgo another lift until tomorrow and stretch and yoga today.

I am realizing as return to regular lifting that my 30-year-old body just isn’t repairing as quickly as the hey days of lifting in my teens. I am definitely training more intelligently now and have better balance and coordination, but I have to move a lot slower through the progression. The great thing is even though you may have to walk a little slower, the end of the path is still there waiting for you.

Superset #1

Single Leg Squats

One arm Deadlifts

Chin Ups

Superset #2

Side Lunge with Band Press

Single leg calf raises

Bench Press

Superset #3


Kneeling Ab Prayers

This workout is a little more stability and strength focused with less HIIT and lots of abdominal work. Single leg squats work on alignment of the leg and lateral stabilizers through the ankle knee and hip so they are a fantastic addition to any workout program. One arm deadlifts take the weight away from the midline to increase the stability demand.

Next a side lunge with a heavy resistance band pressed in front challenges the abdominal stability significantly. Ankle stability work with single leg calf raises, as free standing as possible, has benefited me so much that I try to include them every week.

The final core set works the obliques with the lumberjacks and then rectus abdominus and transverse abdominus with the kneeling ab prayer using a high cable or resistance band and then crunching down towards the earth (praying for better abs).

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