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Hitting Restart – Chapter 2

Hi all,

I had a good week of activity the first week and was ready to step it up a little bit with this past week’s workout but I was battling a bit of pain and tightness in the neck and shoulder from helping a friend move a fridge last Sunday and it is finally feeling good enough to train. You should always listen to your body and give it extra time to rest when it needs it. Delaying a workout can be frustrating but so is dealing with a preventable injury caused by being overzealous.

Superset #1

Overhead Split Squats

Bench Hip Thrust

Superset #2

Kettle Bell Swings

Barbell squats

1 minute of bag work (upper body)


Single arm single leg resistance band row

Push ups

Hanging shoulder raises



Bird dogs

Finish with yoga practice and stretch

Keeping with the theme of core stability and strength we are starting with another overhead squat but this time in a split or lunge stance. I love the hip thrust for glute activation work and if you build up to a significant load it can be a cornerstone of your glute program.

Next set pairs some high intensity and power movements with the old standby staple of barbell squats. I will focus on slow controlled movement in the squat and then explosive movement in the other exercises.

I try to get some single leg balance into every workout, here it takes the form of a single leg row. Pushups are a core and upper body powerhouse, make sure to keep the elbows in and hands as wide or just wider than shoulder width. Hanging shoulder raises are great for shoulder mobility and strengthening muscles responsible for depressing the scapula.

Finally, I finish with my favourite oblique exercise, the lumberjack, swinging a high cable or resistance band handle down to the knee and twisting through the torso. Bird dogs can be done from a table top position or in a full plank to make them harder. Always bring up opposite limbs and maintain a very stable torso.

Get ready to ramp up the activity for the holidays!


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