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Rugged Fitness is a mobile personal and group training service that comes to you, whether it is in your home or at an outdoor location of your choosing. The workout structure will vary depending on your goals, however, all workouts will teach proper movement mechanics, correct postural and strength deficiencies, and teach the whole body to work as a coordinated and powerful unit. You will learn how to utilize any space, structure, or object as training tools to improve fitness anywhere at anytime.

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"I signed up for a 10 pack of personal sessions with Rugged Fitness in early 2013 in order to maintain core and leg strength while getting over severe Tennis Elbow. During this time I turned to cycling while waiting for my arm to heal. Stu customized a fitness program with a goal of getting maximum benefits to core and legs with some upper body work that would not further aggravate the injury. There was a noticeable improvement in my performance as I was able to climb hills that I had previously struggled with. This was surprising to me, being a recreational cyclist. The combination of cardio intervals and ‘light’ weight training focusing on specific muscle groups was proving to be highly effective. It was quite enjoyable to be able to cycle more difficult routes with seemingly less effort. As a result, my husband and I were able to do a ~700 km road trip from Paris to the Atlantic ocean with relative ease. This year, I’m back to tennis, with Stu designing a program that is preventative yet still strengthening in nature and will see me through to the Miele Team Tennis Provincials. After 2 years, I’m feeling stronger than ever. Thanks Stu!"

− Kathy McPherson

"I started training with Stu before he started his company back in 2011 and have kept up with it ever since. I never liked weight training and would stick to running or hiking to stay fit but now I am addicting to lifting heavy! Stu brings something different to each workout and has also helped me with recurring shoulder issues and back pain. Thanks for getting me into the best shape I have ever been in and for helping me stay fit and healthy in the years to come."

− Teresa Pugh

""Stu Kidson has been working with me for the past 4 months. I have lost two dress sizes, developed muscle strength and feel more confident. When we started Stu was very good at determining my level of fitness and has challenged me from there. Not easy but rewarding. Without giving age, can be said I am getting up there.""

− Retired, weight-lifting beginner

"I approached Stuart with the request to design a unique training program that would prepare me to become a Wildland Firefighter with the BC Forest Service. It is a highly sought-after job, with only around 10-15% of applicants receiving a position. Much of the selection process involves your level of physical fitness.

After meeting with him and discussing the various stages of fitness testing I needed to go through in order to get the job, I was impressed with the detailed, specific training program he came up with that would meet my unique needs. He focused the first stage of my program on cardiovascular training, sprints, and powerful acceleration to help me greatly improve my BEEP test score by the time the interview came around. Once that was done, he switched the program focus onto resistance and weight training that would help me excel in the more strength oriented fitness test that is key to getting accepted into the boot camp.

Although we only trained together for a few months before boot camp, I felt a lot stronger, saw physical changes in my body and in the amount of muscle I had, and felt well-prepared for the boot camp. With Stu's help, I preformed well enough in the BEEP test and boot camp to get the job and feel like I had the level of strength and fitness it required. At times, the application process and fitness demands that went along with it were stressful and Stu was always there to lend an ear and give advice. I cannot thank him enough for his hand in allowing me to get and be prepared for such a cool job. I highly recommend him as a trainer to anyone looking to increase their level of fitness, gain muscle, lose fat, and have a lot of fun in the process."

− Natasha Broznitsky - Successful Wildland Firefighter Applicant

"Stu's many exercise options and helpful attention result in bootcamp progress for everyone, even oldies like me! Thanks Stu"

− Elsie - One Year of bootcamp and going strong

"It has been an absolute pleasure working with Stu. He is very knowledgeable and is able to tailor the workouts to meet clients' specific needs. His calm and fun demeanor makes working out not seem like a chore. Stu was able to take 16 teenage boys (aged 14-15) and have them follow his instructions and do the workouts properly. This group of boys belong to a high performance soccer league and need to be in top shape. Stu made sure his workouts helped them achieve that by including and balanced mix of speed training, agility, and functional strength. He definitely had the respect of all of the boys and we look forward to working with him again."

− Amber Thomas - Vancouver Island Wave Soccer

"I started training with Stu 6 months ago, and the experience has been excellent. Within a month of training with Stu I was feeling great and encouraged a couple friends to join us. Stu quickly determined our fitness levels and helped set our fitness goals. He created challenging workouts for us that were always changing and evolving as needed to keep pushing our limits. Due to a hiking injury I haven't been able to train for an extended period, but during this time Stu has been encouraging and helpful. I am eagerly looking forward to returning to training and rehabilitating my injury with Stu at Rugged Fitness! I would strongly recommend Stu to anyone looking for a positive training experience and great results!"

− Tyler Morris - Sidelined, but Raring to Return to Training

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